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Why Get #Busy?

Our events teams are trained to deliver phenomenal customer engagement. We interact, relate and make genuine connections in-person, all as the face of your brand!

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(Customer Lifetime Value)

Because we focus on the customer experience and how they feel when engaging with us, our event channels create customers that stick. Consumers want to feel valued, so we listen, we ask questions and we influence in a way that means that, campaign by campaign, event by event, we layer up your market share and create far more valuable customers through brand loyalty.

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People love to buy and so our event experiences and live influencers shape narratives around your brand that are designed to draw your audience to your desired conclusions; to become active consumers of your products or services. We’ll start bringing customers on board from day one of a campaign launching.


People buy from people; that’s how trends work and it’s the basis of influencer marketing. By doing live influencer marketing, we create positive association with your brand that creates a #CustomerInflux with an audience who offer a high #CLV, resulting in your campaign delivering a healthy revenue increase; we pride ourselves on guaranteeing a return on your investment.

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